Holly Willoughby Had The *Worst* Outfit Fail At Downing Street

If there’s one thing we love, it’s a LOL Holly Willoughby moment on This Morning. And this morning’s was a total corker.

The 35-year-old erupted into a fit of giggles when she was shown an article about the fact that her dress split right down the back on a recent visit to Downing Street.

Holding up a photo of Holly’s dress on his phone, which had torn to reveal a whole lot of derriere, Phillip asked: ‘You didn’t run around Downing Street like that, did you?’

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LOL. Holly was attending number 10 for a charity event in honour of Together 4 Short Lives, and explained that her embarrassing wardrobe malfunction was the result of the zip on her red bodycon dress breaking in the toilet.

‘It went completely,’ she told Phillip. ‘I gave my coat in when my husband Dan and I arrived and you have to give your phone in as well.’So I’m in the toilet with no coat, no phone, on my own, with my whole bum out!’



We so feel for you, Hols. We mean, there really couldn’t possibly be a more innappropriate place to be flashing your undies… Right?

She continued: ‘I had to wait for someone to come and say, “Can you find my husband please? He’s waiting outside the men’s”.

‘The staff were recommending gaffer tape and safety pins but I had to keep my coat on all night’, Holly added. Bless. 



Even worse, the blonde beauty then got asked to be in a photo with Samantha Cameron, and was forced to admit what had happened.

‘I said “I’m really sorry I’m wearing my coat” – everybody was wearing normal clothes and I’m wearing a great big winter coat’, Holls explained. ‘I was like “I’m so sorry but the zip on my dress has gone” and she just went “Oh gosh!”… So there we go, that’s how I spent the night looking like that!’

Poor lamb. Holly, we love you!