Holly Willoughby Divides Opinion With *This* Outfit

Holly Willoughby’s outfits seem to garner just as much attention as her daily appearances on ITV’s This Morning

True to form, the mum-of-three shared a full-length OOTD snap with her 600,000 Instagram followers, showing off Tuesday’s on-screen look. And it seemed to gather a mixed bag of reactions. 

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At first glance, you might have noticed that the TV presenter seems to have ventured into territory that we’ve been traditionally taught to avoid.

Yup, it looks a lot like a black and blue mash-up, doesn’t it?


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Fans were quick to point out the apparent faux pas, with one writing, ‘Never mix blue and black’.

To be honest, we’re not too sure if it’s black or a very dark navy, but not everyone was complimentary of the pairing. 

Other comments included: ‘Not keen on this look on @hollywilloughby’ and ‘Sorry but I didn’t like this look today…’

Sure, everyone’s entitled to their opinion. But here’s ours: we think Holly looked gorgeous, as per usual. And, you can totally rock a black and blue combo if you want to. 

Many jumped to her defense, with positive comments reading: ‘beautiful as always’, ‘such a radiant woman’ and ‘have people not heard of the saying “if you’ve nothing nice to say, don’t say anything”? Honestly, try being nice, good things come of it! @hollywilloughby you look lovely as ever! [sic]’.

Keep that workwear inspo coming, lady.