(L) Holly Fulton's statement necklace (R) is inspired by the classic Magnum silhouette

Want A Free Magnum Every Day This Summer?

Holly Fulton is having a busy year. Not only has she just been named as one of the contenders in the running to scoop this year’s Designer of the Year Award at the 10th annual Scottish Fashion Awards, she’s also making our summertime dreams come true by combining two of our favourite things; jewellery and magnums. That’s right, it might be an unexpected combo, but it’s a winning one. Just in time for the opening of the new Magnum Pleasure Store in London’s Covent Garden, Holly has created an exclusive necklace inspired by the chocolate treats, which will not only jazz up your jewellery box, it also grants the proud owner with a free Magnum every single day this summer. 

We caught up with the British designer to find out exactly how she came to work with the famous ice cream company, who inspires her most and what we can expect from her brand new collection, set to be revealed at London Fashion Week in September…


How did the collaboration with Magnum come about?

We connected with Magnum fairly recently and were excited about working with them towards the Pleasure store; it’s always great for us to work in different areas and areas people would not expect and moving into ice cream was well timed for Summer!

What is it about Magnum that you think connected with your own brand?

I like the sense of decadence and fun that Magnum embodies; it is a contemporary treat and a brand that people really love and resonate with. It sums up a treat for a lot of people and we always like to be associated with products that have a strong allegiance when we pick our collaborations. 

 Your work is consistently described as ‘fun and playful’- is this something that you consciously strive to achieve in your designs?

I love fashion and what I do but at the end of the day, you must remember it is clothes and keep it in perspective. I enjoy having a fun slant to my work; I like to think of people having fun and cutting a rug in my designs, that’s what they are made for and I love the idea of the clothes themselves going off on all these adventures! 

 I feel like with every collection, your clothes have a really transporting quality- they really evoke an emotion or a certain time or place. Is this important to you?

I always strive to embody my research and what I love personally in to each season; I think, as a designer, you aim to take people to different places and moods with what you do and try to create a world unique to you and your style that they can believe in. 

How do you approach designing a collection?

I draw a lot and then edit. My problem is that I always have too many ideas and it is a challenge to lose things you feel passionate about in the process. Research and ideas come from my collections and books, I’m a terrible hoarder. I always get fully immersed in the design process as I love that stage before you move onto realising the final garments. I love fashion and am lucky to be in a position to realise my ideas with my team. 

 What’s your favourite trend for AW15?

Our autumn/winter was all about party girls, who doesn’t  want to have fun?! 

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> Holly Fulton’s party girls for AW15


What inspired you most for the new season?

I wanted to do a something different with colour and shape and always try to create something that pushed us on as a label each season. 

 I love the way you used different fabrics in your autumn collection- do you have a favourite piece?

From AW I love look 26, the Sindy dress. It is fully sequinned and encapsulates the fun, frivolous feeling of the collection. I love decadent designs with intricate yet contemporary techniques involved. 

> Holly’s favourite piece from the AW15 collection is the sequinned ‘Sindy’ dress


Can you tell us anything about your SS16 collection? What can we look forward to?

It’s still in the pipeline but expect a return to print, a break from symmetry and lots of colour.

Which other designers inspire you most?

I am a huge fan of Christopher Kane; I love the cohesive nature of his collections and admire the respect he has from his team and the industry. 

> Holly cites Christopher Kane as one of her biggest inspirations in the industry. He recently co-hosted the Serpentine summer party with Alexa Chung

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What do you love most about being based in London?

Anything could happen and usually does!

 If you could share one piece of style advice, what would it be?

Wear what you love. If you wear anything with confidence you can make it work. 

 Finally, can you describe your idea of the ultimate Magnum?

I would like a fresh mint Magnum from the Classics collection; it would be a bit like a fresh mint tea in my mind! I’d have to have dark chocolate and mint fondant involved and a green stick to switch it up!


 If you happen to be taking a trip to Covent Garden between now and the end of August, all you need to do is ensure you’re wearing your statement necklace and you’ll be granted an indulgent treat. To win your necklace, head to Magnum’s online Pleasure Store and find out exactly how to improve your summer