The H&M Sizing Hack You NEED To Know About

So THIS is why we're sizing up!

Words by Lexxi Davis

We’re constantly on the hunt for the perfect sized pieces for our forever wardrobe.

And H&M sizes can sometimes be a little tricky to navigate to say the least; (not that it stops us from buying from our fave new flagship store!)

So what is it about their sizing that means we NEVER fit our usual size?

Well, we’ve got got the hack that will change EVERYTHING.

H&M Sizes

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So we’re all familiar with a standard sizing tag.

H&M Sizes

Let’s say we’re shopping for a UK12, which in European sizing is a 40.


H&M says UK12 is EU38… (Just look at the label sewn in).

Which means, it’s not us going crazy. We’re having to go up a size for an actual reason.

And we’re SO happy we finally figured it out. We’re prepping our wish list ASAP, as well as checking online all of our TRUE sizes are still in stock…

H&M new store opening

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So there you have it. Next time you’re in H&M shopping your pay day earnings away, just go up a size safe in the knowledge that you’ve beat the system.

(You’re welcome).