The Best Bits To Buy In H&M Right Now

Look away now and regret it for the rest of your life...

As much as we love shopping, we’re sure you’ll agree our lives would be a whole lot easier if we had someone else do it for us, right? We mean, the queues, the choice… It’s all just too much.

Consider your prayers answered. Yep, we’ve already done it for Zara, and now we’ll be doing exactly the same for H&M. The fast-fashion retailer has gone from strength to strength of late, stocking pieces even we would mistake for designer. To save you the hassle of navigating the site, then, here’s exactly what you should add to your cart right now…


Wide leg trousers, £39.99, H&M

Sandals, £39.99, H&M

Jacket, £34.99, H&M

Dress, £39.99, H&M

Blouse, £34.99, H&M

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Wrap Top, £34.99, H&M

Jeans, £39.99, H&M

Leather Jacket, £199.99, H&M