This Is Why You Spend So Much In H&M

And it has nothing to do with your shopping addiction. We think...

Want to feel good about yourself? Head to the H&M changing room mirrors.

Have you ever noticed how sometimes you look totally different in the changing room mirrors of your favourite high street stores (in a good way)?

Known for using ‘magic mirrors’, the giants of the British high street often install fairground style mirrors that make us appear slimmer, more tanned and taller – and we obvs LOVE it!

That, along with clever lighting tricks and well, we look pretty good – making us in turn buy all the clothes we try on and look oh-so-good in. So you see, it’s not really your fault when you accidentally spend your rent money on a new wardrobe…


Look’s Fashion News Assistant Bridie Wilkins is in love with the H&M mirrors, too.


And while this happens across the high street, H&M is definitely our number one spot for mirror selfies. Look’s Fashion News Assistant Bridie Wilkins is a huge fan –

“H&M. ‘Nuff said. If you haven’t already noticed, the mirrors in H&M are amazing. No matter how crap (can I say that?) I feel, their mirrors always make me feel loads better about myself. I don’t know what it is- the lighting, the length? Who knows? I do know it makes me want to buy everything I try on, though. And they’re both tall and wide enough to see how things really look.”

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While Mango’s changing rooms feel like your under a spotlight and Zara’s are just too small, H&M have found the perfect equation to make us look great. Alternate angled full-length mirrors + soft lighting + space to move = £££.

It’s like a personal shoot set-up for your #OOTD – guaranteeing you multiple likes on Insta.