H&M Has Made A Commitment To Animal Welfare

High street hero H&M already proved it’s commitment to ethical fashion with the launch of its nationwide Fashion Recycling Week last month, but now the brand has gone one step further.

Indeed, they have just announced a collaboration with the Humane Society International in a bit to protect farm animals from any cruel practices that may take place in the production of fashion pieces using wool or sheepskin.

The collaboration between the two will also work towards banning cosmetic testing on animals on a global scale.

H&M Sustainability Business Expert Madeiline said: “Animal welfare is important to us at H&M and we want to contribute to improved animal welfare practices in our industry, which is why we are committing ourselves not only to further improve our own requirements, but also to work collaboratively with HSI to elevate standards throughout the industry and globally.”

The brand, well known for its commitment to sustainable fashion has also had great success with its Conscious Collection that extended to include party wear in 2013. Stars such as Vanessa Paradis, Amber Valletta and Olivia Wilde, who’ve all earned their environmental credentials, have fronted the Conscious campaigns in past seasons.

As for the brand’s National Fashion Recycling Week, LCF students were challenged with creating window installations, using clothes donated through its garment collecting initiative.

Olivia in the H&M Conscious Exclusive campaign, 2015


A giant garment collecting box also graced a space in Covent Garden’s piazza, where fashion cast-offs could be left in exchange for a discount voucher to shop in H&M.


All in all, the Swedish super brand works to engage customers and raise awareness about sustainable fashion, with studies by H&M finding that a whopping 95% of throw-away fashion could be re-worn or recycled.