The £5 Buy That Will Change Your Life

Fashion News Editor Maxine Eggenberger recounts her descent into madness as she frantically searched for a buy that was yet to be…

For the last two weeks, my morning routine has gone like this: I wake up and, before my eyes can adjust to the shock of being open for the first time in six (read: 11) hours, my phone is in hand as 
I begin frantically scrolling through H&M’s new arrivals.

This may sound like standard protocol for someone who 
works in fashion. It’s not. Since 
I was a teen, getting up has always been a gargantuan chore; I’m a serial snoozer and, I tell you, it takes more than a Bardot top to disturb my slumber. And yes, I did just quote Aladdin’s Cave of Wonders.

Belt, £4.99, H&M

Why then, I hear you cry, have 
I succumbed to this incessant behaviour? Because of a £4.99 belt, that’s why. Now, before you dismiss me as some sort of crazed shopping beast – mouth-froth and all – hear me out: this is no ordinary accessory. This is the accessory that everyone will beg, borrow and, quite possibly, steal to get their hands on (NB: Look in no way advocates the latter, just so we’re clear). However, it’s definitely worth splashing your cash should the opportunity present itself.

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H&M’s £4.99 belt reminds us a lot of Gucci’s classic design

Not so subtly inspired by 
Gucci’s iconic £240 double G belt, I’ve been able to think of little else since the fateful day I happened upon H&M’s homage, which 
I saw styled on a model shot. Indeed, it is not yet available online, hence my hourly, hyper-panicked hunts. It’s set to grace the website on 28.2.17, but the brand’s insiders have only now revealed it’s already snuck its way into stores. The actual shops. Of course!

For all the modern advances the internet has bestowed on us (an endless stream of cute animal videos being paramount), in turn it has made my shopping appetite all the more insatiable. And sometimes, seldom as those occasions may be, it still can’t keep up with the IRL shops. Now, excuse me while I quit hitting refresh and head out into the unknown high street to find me 
a £4.99 belt. What a time to be alive.