Hilary Duff Comes Under Fire For Her School Run Outfit

Hilary Duff’s latest outfit snap on Instagram has generated quite the debate.

The 28-year-old actress, who has a young son, Luca Cruz, decided to share her school run outfit with her fans.

Posting a photo of her working a grey sweater, black trainers, a dusky pink coat and a pair of tiny denim cut off shorts, Hilary encouraged other mums to get creative with their school run outfits. 

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hilary duff


‘Hey moms! I came up wth a semi cute outfit for school drop off! I usually roll in sweat pants or lulu lemons and look like a disaster but this morning I managed to throw something cute together and I thought would share’, Hilary captioned the image.

‘Cut offs or jeans. A light weight trench over a sweater or tee, cross body bag sneaks or booties and a pair of Sunnies! Now you try! Tag me in your photo annnnd you don’t have to wear such a serious face haha).’

We thought Duff looked great, but the image quickly generated nearly 1,000 comments as fellow mothers debated as to whether this was an ‘appropriate’ look for the occasion. 

hilary duff


‘I don’t know that the shorts are appropriate for school pick up, and I definitely don’t think the outfit necessarily “goes together”…but do you, Hil. That’s all you’ve got at the end if the day, girl’, one user reasonably argued.

But others felt much more strongly about Duff’s short shorts.

‘You call this cute?!? A lady of class and substance wouldn’t be caught wearing this even in her worst hair day… [sic]’, one user wrote.

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hilary duff


‘I would be humiliated if my mom showed up to pick me up in booty shorts. Those look like freaking underwear’, slammed another. 

Others, however, jumped to the singer’s defence, writing back: ‘Only in this day and age would anyone be “upset” with those shorts. Once again the PC Brigade goes way too far.’

We think it’s great to see Duff feeling and looking sassy and confident, and that chic coat and those casual trainers steer the outfit round to the right side of classy, we reckon.

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hilary duff