Hilary Duff Gets New Hair As She Joins Tinder

Hilary Duff is giving us whiplash, changing up her hair so many times that we can hardly keep up!

Famous for her blonde locks, the star issued an image curveball as she went for a Kylie Jenner-style green mermaid shade not that long ago. Next up, she switched to a two-tone pastel pink dip dye.

The star's pink hair didn't last very long... The star’s pink hair didn’t last very long…


But hold the phone. She clearly wasn’t happy with either of these dye jobs, as she’s now gone and switched it up. Again.

Posting a snap to her Instagram, the star unveilled yet another hair transformation. This time, a silver-grey shade.

Hilary was spotted out in LA with her new ice grey shade Hilary was spotted out in LA with her new ice grey shade


Whilst this may be news enough, the Nickelodeon singer has just spilled a secret that’s rocked us. And made us super happy at the same time.

Hilary Duff is on Tinder. Yes, you read that right.

Lads out there take note: if you’ve swiped right on a picture of this TV star, you’re (probably) not being catfished.

Duff revealed, “It’s totally me on Tinder.”

Whilst On Air With Ryan Seacrest, she explained: “It kind of started out to be a joke with some of my girlfriends… Then I was like, ‘I’m gonna join Tinder,’ and they were like, ‘What?! No way you can’t.’ And I was like, ‘Why can’t I? Yeah, I absolutely can.”

Hilary Duff's mermaid green hue was fading out at Coachella Hilary Duff’s mermaid green hue was fading out at Coachella



Hilary recently filed for divorce from her ex-husband, Mike Comrie, a retired Ice Hockey player. But it certainly looks like she’s enjoying the single life.

The 27-year-old mum-of-one has been talking to a number of guys on the dating app, claiming that they’re all been pretty “normal”.

But she hasn’t stopped there. Hilary went on to share her experience of her very first Tinder date, with a man called Tom.

“We went bowling so we didn’t have to talk too much, but we did talk a lot actually.”

“He was cool. He brought a friend and I had some friends there. He used to be in editing for reality shows. Now, he’s an actor and he just wrote a play. He’s an interesting guy.”


When asked if there was a goodnight kiss involved, the star exclaimed: “No! Absolutely not.”

She’s considering a second date with Tom, but also has another date lined up.

“I’m just a Tinder animal!” she joked.

Made In Chelsea’s Louise Thompson also famously jumped on the app back in 2013. You’re not alone, Duff.

By Laura Jane Turner