High Street Hottest For Men: Shop The Best Denim Buys

From the first jeans made for gold miners by Levi Strauss in the 1800’s, to those worn by Hollywood stars like James Dean and Elvis Presley, to present day collections by designers including Dries Van Noten, D&G and Ralph Lauren, denim is the most versatile fashion fabric on the planet – and it’s looking better than ever. Forget your bog standard boot cuts, denim for 2011 has gone fashion-forward, with a massive selection of washes, sleeker cuts and finer detailing. If Prada’s double denim look conjures up visions of Bros in the 1980’s, (proceed with caution, we say), look to traditional American work wear – relaxed fit chinos, butter soft leathers, breton stripe t-shirts and checked shirts work perfectly with all manner of denim. Investment buys worth cashing in on – those miners have a lot to answer for! HE


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