High Street Fashion Fix: Reuse Your Snagged Tights

We’ve all done it, whether you catch them on a bench or a passing bike, tights get laddered – very easily! Now the clever tightsperts at TightsPlease.co.uk have come up with these ingenious ways of reusing your bin-bound nylons. Read on for their tips…

  1. Cut off horizontal two inch wide strips of old tights to make elastic loops, then twist them smaller to create snag-free hair ties. Experiment with different patterned tights to make exclusive-to-you hair accessories.
  2. Ripped tights are bang on trend so don’t worry about a small ladder, why not make it even bigger and rock ripped tights like Katy Perry, Rihanna and the House Of Holland catwalk.
  3. Go for the slashed look with a pair of old leggings or thick opaque tights and cut even slits down the side of the leg. Experiment with different looks to create a unique pair of leg wear without shelling out your cash!
  4. Wear snagged tights under ripped jeans. You’ll get an on-trend layered look and it won’t matter if your tights are ripped as most of them will be hidden.
  5. Cut the foot off your clean tights, add odd pieces of soap and tie the open end to make a quick and easy skin scrubber. Then get exfoliating! AT

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