Instagram Is Feeling These Pretty Heartilage Piercings

If you’re a fan of decorating your ears with jewellery, this pretty trend will blow your mind.

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Rather than piercing ear cartilage with simple barbells and hoops, fashionistas have taken to adorning their lobes/other ear-areas with cute heart-shaped earrings. We’re keen.


Heartilage piercings are the prettiest yet

Robbie Millian, owner of NYC Piercings, has been championing the heartilage trend for a while now, sharing pics of happy customers on his Instagram feed.

The hip piercer has pierced the likes of Kylie Jenner’s BFF Jordyn Woods and more recently Bella Thorne.

As well as adding a pretty hoop to Bella’s daith, NYC Piercings pierced Bella’s nipples. The star thanked the shop in the comments section, saying “THANK YOU!!” followed by “And for the nips ;)” meaning she probably got both done. Brave.

Bella Thorne's new Daith Piercing 👌🏼⚡️💎 Thanks again for stopping by @bellathorne 😊

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So many ways to rock this trend

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This new ear trend seems to be most popular with daith and outer ear piercings.

Would you be tempted to try out a sweet heartilage piercing?