7 Ways To Eat Healthily In The Office

When it comes to healthy eating, the office is riddled with booby traps. From the resident biscuit tin to networking like a normal person, it can seem near impossible to stick to your guns. To help you out, then, we’ve put together a list of all the things that’ll help you achieve your mission…

Go prepared

Preparation is the name of the game when it comes to healthy eating in the office. Pack everything from full meals to snacks to graze on throughout the day. Meal prepping of a weekend is a good place to start. It’ll only take between 1 and 2 hours of your time and both your scales and purse will thank you for it – just invest in a Tupperware collection and you’re good to go. Protein, fruit, veg and whole grains get a big tick from us, while refined sugar and complex carbs are a serious no-no.


> Find a healthy eating buddy to share tips and tricks with





Find a weight loss buddy

Sticking to a diet is always easier when you’ve got someone to share the struggle with – and even more so when you’re with them for up to 9 hours a day. You’ll be able to vent to one another when you feel like you just aren’t getting anywhere, as well as sharing the excitement of hitting your target. On top of that, you’ll have someone to back you up when no-one understands why you’re turning down that biccy.


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Out of sight, out of mind

Easier said than done when it’s someone’s birthday pretty much everyday, we know, but when it comes to the resident biscuit tin, there’s a solution: close the lid. Move it out of your eyeline, and if it’s en route to your desk, take a different route. Problem solved.

Keep water on the table at all times

In case you didn’t know, dehydration is often disguised as hunger, meaning that when you turn to snacking, you could actually be consuming unnecessary calories. Keep a bottle of water on your desk at all times. And make it a big one – getting up to refill can quickly become tiresome.


> Networking means a lot of food and drink to avoid, so suggesting somewhere health-friendly is a good place to start



Devise a list of healthy restaurants

Healthy eating doesn’t have to come hand in hand with sacrificing your social life. When it comes to networking, devise a list of restaurants with healthy options you can choose from so that when it comes to putting a date in the calendar, you aren’t restricted to a walk in the park or a spin class (trust us, you’ll get a few weird looks if that’s all you can offer).

Savour every cheat moment

You should by no means cut out all junk food. Allow yourself a treat now and then, and be sure to appreciate every bite. Just remember to manage your portions well so that you don’t feel too guilty afterwards.

> Avoid the office coffee runs and opt for a green tea instead





Keep an emergency stash

When the post-spin sesh hunger pangs hit, anything goes. Avoid falling off the wagon with a stash of healthy bites such as protein bars, nuts and fruit that’ll keep you feeling fuller for longer. As for those daily coffee runs, keep a pack of green tea on your desk to reach for in desperate times,