The Under £20 Bikinis You Need To Know About

The bikini hunt just got even easier thanks to these budget holiday buys from online fashion hotspot Own The Runway.

At only £18.99 a piece, this tropical print bikini comes in two gorgeous colour ways, and, even after staring at them all afternoon, we still can’t decide whether we love the all-out colour or deep blue style more.

It’s the vintage bralet style of the bikini top that we’re most smitten with, making it look way pricier than it’s humble price tag.

Now all we need is a holiday to Hawaii so we have an excuse to really show it off, anyone selling one of those for less than £20?

Oh, and P.S. there’s also some pretty amazing ruffle and tassel bikinis over at Own The Runway which will look pretty incredible if, for instance, you were off to Ibiza…

By Hannah Gale, 21 May 2013

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