Hayley Hasselhoff Discusses The Term ‘Plus Size’

Here’s what happened when we caught up with the gorgeous Hayley Hasselhoff at the Curve Fashion Festival this morning.

How Do You Feel About The Term ‘Plus Size’? Does It Offend You?

“No, I praise it because it’s an industry standard to me, it’s an industry word. I was never called plus size until I was a plus size model. I started out when I was 14 so even though the word was a little bit scary to me because people didn’t really understand what that was. But with any word that’s negative in any context, it’s just how you look upon the word. For me, I look upon the word with love and with light and success and beauty – and I don’t look upon it in a negative way. At the same time, it’s not the word I would use. When I started out I used to say ‘I’m voluptuous’ and if I went into a store now, I would never say that I was plus size, I would say that I am curvy or busty.”

How Do You Think The Industry Has Changed Since You Started Out?

“I started when I was 14 and then I took six years off. I got back into it wholeheartedly about a year and a half ago and it’s come on leaps and bounds. Now every single piece of clothing I model is something I want to personally wear whereas before, the standard just wasn’t as high. And also there’s so much more availability all over the world now.”

How Does It Differ In The States?

“I wish I could say to you that I know the States like the back of my hand but I feel like I’ve been travelling so much that I actually know more about Europe now. I feel like it’s a little cut off back home. There isn’t the same high street element over there. Here, you can walk down the street and you’ve got Yours Clothing, SimplyBe, Evans, etc. You’ve got it in your magazines, on advertising everywhere. Plus size girls are featured everywhere. There’s such a difference in that avenue than there is in America.”

You Were Wearing ASOS Last Night And Looked Amazing! What Other Brands Do You Go To?

“3.1 Phillip Lim I love. I’m wearing Chloe today which is gorgeous. I love Givenchy, Zara, ASOS Curve is amazing. Evans’ collection is really great too. For me, I like to mix and match with vintage, high street and maybe one piece which is designer.”

> Hayley Hasselhoff looking amazing in a photoshoot.

Do You Ever Feel Pressure To Be A Different Size?

“I’ll be honest yeah. But not in modelling. Any pressure that anybody puts on you to feel like you need to change your size is yourself and I think I went through that point once in my life when I wasn’t getting acting parts and my show had been cancelled. I was in this weird stage of going out for the best friend role but I always got the feedback that I was prettier than the main character but not skinny enough to be the lead. So I felt the pressure then, but this was years ago. And eventually I came to a point where I realised this is who I am and I’m going to stay true to who I am.”

What’s Been The Highlight Of Your Career So Far?

“All of it! I can’t pinpoint! I am so grateful for everything that comes along my way and every person that I meet.”

There’s A Perception Sometimes That Being A Certain Size Means You’re Not Fit Or Healthy. How Do You Respond To That?

“I don’t think people should comment on your weight. You’re not their doctor, you don’t have a place to comment and say someone is lazy or unhealthy when you don’t know about their life. For me, I work out all the time at home, twice a day sometimes, I am addicted to it and it’s not to lose weight, it’s to make me feel good and healthy! Also I come from a family where being active is really important. I have always been like the son my dad never had so I always did really adventurous things with him.”

How Would You Describe Your Style?

“Always overdressed! I am very conservative. I love being buttoned up, I love trousers and drapey things. It goes with my mood and can change up very easily, whether I am feeling a bit vintage or rock chick.”

Would You Ever Want To Design?

“Yes! It’s something I’ve wanted to do since I was a little girl. I have been drawing since I was so young. My plan was always to go to design school and that’s why I love being in this industry so much.”

When Do You Feel At Your Best?

“I’ve worn silk nightgowns and robes to bed for years! For me, I like to feel really great when I go to bed so that’s probably when I feel at my best!”