Halloween Costume Ideas To Make Your Mates Scream

Coming up with whopper Halloween costume ideas to totally wow your mates can, well let’s face it, be a complete nightmare.

We’ve all been there. It’s the day before Halloween, you’ve got a party to go to, and well…you’ve left it until the very last minute to come up with an outfit. As usual.

It’s now 7pm. The only options left in the obliterated costume shops are ratty wigs and maybe a few tubes of face paint. If you’re lucky. Desperate, you buy a bumper roll of binbags, some tape and some kind of glittery face pallete from the £1 shop with the express hope that divine halloween inspiration will hit you during the bus ride home….

Well, in the spirit of always being helpful (ahem), we’ve taken the time to find some great halloween costumes, from Instagram and beyond (that you can shop or recreate at home) so that you aren’t left taping bin sacks to your body. No more stress guys. AND NO MORE SEXY CATS. Here are our top 9 Halloween costume ideas….

1. Day Of The Dead

The fashion for donning Mexican Day of the Dead make-up for Halloween has gotten crazy popular in recent years, and the great thing about this idea is that you can be as simple or as elaborate as your beauty skills allow. All you need is some white face paint and a steady hand. Oh, and get your dad to dig out that sombrero from the loft.

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Day of the Dead make-up
Pics: Instagram/@mial88/@marghii

2. Superheroes

C’mon, if Rihanna can paint herself green and nail Ninja Turtles, you can totally get your superhero game on. Of course, you can get all fangirl and go into minute detail. Or else, dig those binbags out from last year and fashion yourself a badass cape.

Pic: Twitter/@k_9villyard

3. Food

Because eating is probably one of our favourite things to do, why not dress up as your favourite food group? Better still, rope a mate in to come as your side dish.

Food costume
Pic: Instagram/@guerrero_arely08

4. Movie Stars

These beauts have been really savvy in the social media promotion of their twin The Notebook costumes, but in fairness to them, it’s pretty darn effective. Pick an iconic movie poster then recreate as best you can.

The Notebook
Pic: Instagram/@dwollen


5. ’90s

Any costume taken from ’90s pop culture is going to go down a storm. And come on, if you can get a boy pal to dress up as The Hoff, then high fives all round.

Pic: Twitter/@raqcity008


6. The Old Favourites

Sometimes you can’t beat the tried and tested costume favourites, like fairy tale characters, vampire brides, et al. True, if you want to make like these guys below, you may need to do some serious boyfriend coaxing, especially if you are trying to work the Peter Pan (tights) angle….

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Couple cosumes
Pics: Twitter/@katej6789/@shmamah

7. And If All Else Fails….

Chuck on a load of fake blood and hope for the best. Or pick a profession, and stick the word ‘Zombie’ in front of it. Zombie teacher. Zombie traffic warden. See? Works every time.

Pic: Instagram/@ladygabe