Gwyneth Paltrow Did WHAT In The Name Of Beauty?

We all know that Gwyneth Paltrow’s beauty regime isn’t for everyone. We’re sure you’ll remember her pendant for vaginal steaming and the fact that she’s previously said she sun tans without using SPF (something we do NOT recommend!) But this? This is a step too far…

In an interview with the New York Times, the 43-year-old actress and lifestyle guru spoke about all the things she’s done in the name of beauty – including being deliberately stung by bees. Yes, really.

Speaking of the questionable beauty fix Gwynnie revealed, ‘I’ve been stung by bees. It’s a thousands of years old treatment called apitherapy. People use it to get rid of inflammation and scarring. It’s actually pretty incredible if you research it. But, man, it’s painful.’

Funny that!

The theroy is the venom that bees inject into your skin upon being stung has multiple healing properties. While it’s not 100% backed up by science, the process can apparently minimise the effects of arthritis, wounds, pains and infections.

Even though she’s put her body through some pretty tough treatments, Gwyneth still maintains her ‘I’ll try anything once’ attitude.

Sure, she looks MEGA but at the risk of having a major allergic reaction to copious amounts of bee stings, we think we’ll pass on the above…