Guess Who Nabbed The Most-Liked Instagram Photo Of 2014?

Well, can you?

Okay, let’s get serious. It was always going to be a Kim Kardashian snap, wasn’t it? And winning the top spot of the most-liked Instagram picture of 2014 is her and Kanye West‘s infamous wedding kiss. 

We don’t know whether it was the gorgeous lace Givenchy dress, the huge fairytale wall of roses or simply the look of pure marital bliss on Kimye’s smitten faces, but something about Kimy’s wedding snap turned people crazy click-happy.

The image of the couple’s wedding smooch, posted by the reality TV star bride after her lavish Florence ceremony at Fort Belvedere in May, has been given the thumbs up by 2.4 million Instagram users.

In fact, its now the most liked Instagram pic since the picture-sharing app was launched more than four years ago.


We reckon Kim’s got to be pleased with that.

Coming in at second place is Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s couple’s selfie, which bagged 1.9 million likes. Not the Insta-king anymore, are we Biebs.

And in at third is selfie-loving Miley Cyrus, with a photo of her and Ariana Grande backstage at August’s MTV Video Music Awards, which received 1.84 million likes.

Phew. That was one heck of an Insta-year.

By Robyn Munson