Guess Who Just Recruited Rosie Fortescue?

Breaking news just in: it’s Tuesday. And as all you hardened Look fans know, this means only one thing. Yep, today is magazine day, and you can snap up our brand new issue, chock-a-block with the hottest party accessories, the brand new ‘it’ coat in town, plus our chat with Kendall Jenner, who gave us all the goss on her amazing fashion success of the past year.

Now we know what you’re thinking- there can’t possibly be room for anything else with all that super stuff going on. Well, guess again, because we’ve also got all the latest on Rosie Fortescue’s brand new job. Online boutique extraordinaire,, has just launched MarketSpace, a place where cool, upcoming designers can sell their stylish wares. From more established brands such as Liquorish to commpletely unknown new talent, MarketSpace is the place to head to for unsual accessories, statement separates and everything in between- and Rosie is the poster girl!


We caught up with the Made In Chelsea star to find out how she got onboard, what her top shopping tips would be, and exactly what her perfect party outfit would be…

Pretaportobello’s new MarketSpace sounds really exciting – what made you want to get on board?

I love Pretaportobello and its selection of unique designers is fantastic, so I was thrilled to be on board to support their new initiative MarketSpace. MarketSpace has an amazing array of young design talent on board, helping to give them a platform to get into the mainstream market. 

The Marketspace initiative is all about supporting up-and-coming designers, which is obviously really important to you – how do you usually go about finding new talent and brands to wear? Do you have a favourite at the moment?

This is exactly what I love about the new MarketSpace. Supporting up and coming designers is SUPER important to me and I actually get contacted by a lot of new designers via my blog. I feature them as often I can as I think it’s important to show them support. Im loving Language of Flowers tees at the moment! 

Do you have a go-to style formula? How do you adhere to this when you’re shopping?

My go-to style formula is finding clothes that fit my body. It’s incredibly important to wear items that compliment your figure. I do often stick to the same style when shopping which leaves me with a wardrobe full of muted colours and leather trousers so I do try and think outside the box and be creative!

What do you think makes Pretaportobello so successful- how does it differ from other stores on the high street?

The eye of the owners is what makes Pretaportobello so successful. Their buying skills are fantastic and I am constantly introduced to new designers, new styles and trends through their website. Browsing the website is such a great way to get creative with your style and be influenced by up and coming brands. You know you will find unique pieces that not everyone will be wearing, unlike the high street. 

If you had to choose one Christmas party outfit, what would it consist of?

A Christmas party outfit for me would be a tuxedo suit with a camisole top, sexy heels, statement necklace and clutch bag. It’s a go-to outfit for me as I am not the biggest fan of dresses. Don’t get me wrong when I find a dress I adore I really do enjoy wearing it! 

What’s been your favourite fashion moment so far? Is there something you’re most proud of?

My favourite fashion moment is yet to come I think. I do always enjoy dressing in brands for London Fashion Week and attending all the shows. It’s a way for me to really play around with style and dress to my exact mood and feelings. 

By Hannah Banks-Walker