Guess Who Just Beat Victoria Beckham At The Instagram Race?

When it comes to ranking popularity these days, the only true measure is to look at social media and more specifically, Instagram.

We all know that the Kardashians rule the roost, with Kim Kardashian ranking up a massive 36.6 million followers, her little sis Kendall Jenner not far behind boasting 29 million and Caitlyn Jenner being the fastest person ever to get 1 million followers. Yes, that’s faster than President Obama. However, when it comes to discovering the most popular fashion brands, the results may surprise you.

Digital marketing company Stylophane have released the latest figures on the fastest growing fashion brands on the social media site and it isn’t Burberry, Chanel or Topshop, but actually sportswear brand, Nike!

That’s right, the activewear label gained 1.4 million followers last month, while Victoria Beckham – who ranks second – gained 1.2 million followers. Also on the list were Dior, Louis Vuitton and Adidas who all managed to gain a huge following over the last month.

Just how has Nike done it though? Interestingly, the brand only posted five times last month on Instagram, sent only three tweets and just one Facebook post but has managed to gain the biggest social following addition of any fashion brand.

With inspiring captions, amazing photography and gaining up to 400,000 likes on each post, it’s not really surprising that the brand is doing so well.

> Nike definitely know hot to make an Instagram snap amazing.

> Anyone now want to go for a run?

Victoria Beckham has also been doing pretty well with her Instagram following of late. She takes a different approach to Nike, posting up to 40 times a month. With both personal touches and brand posts, VB knows how to bring in the crowd, posting throwback snaps like this which you just can’t resist liking as well as photos of her very famous family.

> Victoria Beckham and Geri Halliwell in a throwback snap on VB’s Instagram.

But also making us drool over her amazing new collections.

> Victoria Beckham’s amazing new collection is shown off on her Instagram.

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By Amy de Klerk