We’ve Found The Ultimate Gucci Dupe (And It’s Under £30)

Go, go, go!

It’s official: whatever Gucci makes, we want it. And this rule particularly applies when it comes to their accessories. As soon as a new Gucci bag hits stores it’s inevitable it will garner cult status.

Last year everyone was obsessed with the Soho Disco cross-body bag, and this year it’s all about the Dionysus shoulder bag.

A quick scroll through Instagram and you are likely to spot said bag over and over.

The canvas bag with Gucci’s signature GG print comes complete with a textured tiger head closure – a unique detail referencing the Greek god Dionysus – and a sliding chain strap that can be worn in multiple ways.

A Gucci classic, this beaut would look pretty sweet hanging in our wardrobe. But there’s one rather large hurdle in the way between us and the DREAM bag: the £1420 price tag.

Enter H&M’s insanely good designer dupe. Yep, the Swedish fashion mecca has saved the day once again, and is offering us some could-be-Gucci for a mere fraction of the Gucci price. A very reasonable £29.99 to be precise.




We predict this gem will be a sell-out, so you’ll want to move fast if you wanna piece of the action. Grab yours here.

Images: @ejstyle, @ms_wunderbar, @mettiforssell