This Is What We Really Think Of The Gucci Show

We've got very strong feelings...

All eyes were on Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele this week – aka he famed for out Gucci-ing Gucci, for producing back-to-back consecutive ‘hit’ collections and building Gucci the mega brand with the Gucciest of Gucci ranges known to fashion-kind.

With 5 cult collections under his (definitely Gucci) belt already, the latest line is inevitably going to be met with whispers of ‘So, what’s new?’ as models walked Gucci’s signature corsages, horse bit belts and pearls down the catwalk in Milan on Wednesday.

But look at little harder and you’ll see that Michele’s failsafe formula has been updated with inspo from UFOs, poppy prints and – dare we say it – Where’s Wally? but, like, totally in a fash’ way. We’re pretty sure we spotted Stranger Things’ Barb in there somewhere too.

Put simply, the party that is Gucci goes on, and on, and all over the collection with Michele single-handedly injecting the fun back into fashion.

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Margot Robbie and Candice Swanepoel wearing Gucci

Yes, Jared Leto may be the only man brave enough to wear the gender-neutral range. And yes we may draw the line at the full-face mesh – but you can bet your Gucci bumbag that Gucci-branded tights and Gucci-branded headbands will be filling up a feed near you soon. For Gucci 2.0 is insta-fashion at it’s very best – and why mess with perfection, eh Michele?

Whether you’ve been thinking about buying The Belt or have post-shopping sweats after splashing out on The Tee – know this – Gucci is as relevant now as it will be come Spring 2018. Our money’s already on the cactus flower cowgirl boots.

Models wore diamonte bodysuits

No matter what you splash your cash on, rest assured that it will never be easier to justify that buy, – whether you’re dropping the real deal Double Gs, or paying homage with high street.

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