Greta Gerwig: What You Need To Know

While she’s appeared in her share of blockbuster films, the Californian native, 32, has decided to move away from Hollywood studios in favour of writing, directing and acting in independent cinema.

Reflecting on a failed audition for Gossip Girl, Greta revealed that the producers told her: “Even when you blow out your hair and do the whole thing, we still don’t believe you.

“I was like, ‘Great! Then I guess I’ll just be who I am!’”

The acclaimed 2012 indie hit, Frances Ha and the new film Mistress America, see Greta playing the kind of female characters we want to watch, and it’s just one of the reasons why we love her.

Her characters never rely on ‘Prince Charming’ to save them, and when probed on the role that her writer-director boyfriend, Noah Baumbach, 45, has played in her success, she protests; “I don’t mean to sound annoying, but I would have done it anyway.”

> Greta Gerwig and co-stars in Mistress America




A girl after our own heart, Greta keeps her group of girlfriends close knit and her friendship with Lena meant she even got to read the Girls script before anyone else.  

In true unconventional style, the starlet doesn’t use Twitter or Facebook, saying: “There’s just so much tearing down of women in the media…The truth is, none of that’s real. It’s dross on the Internet.”

And on her style, all she has to say is; “I promise you that unless you are married to George Clooney or are an actual, real-life princess with a kingdom, long gloves look weird—even if people swear to you beforehand that they are awesome and that everyone will be wearing them.”

As if we couldn’t like her anymore, Greta explained why she prefers British television to American shows; “I really like BBC shows…on a friend’s recommendation, I watched Peaky Blinders in two days. It’s really fun. I’ve never felt turned on by men who fix horse races but now I totally am!”

Mistress America is in UK theatres now.

By Sophie Gallagher