The Craziest Looks From The 2017 Grammy Awards

Not all the celebrities played it safe on the red carpet...

Awards season is upon us and while many A-listers pull out their best frocks in the hope to hit a ‘Best Dressed’ list somewhere, others often use a red carpet to experiment.

The Grammys were no different.

While there were some knockout looks at Sunday’s bash in LA – we’re looking at you, Rihanna – there were also some pretty crazy fashion choices, if we’re being perfectly honest.

And we like to be honest.

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Dresses were covered in everything from CDs to giant plastic balls – and there was even a dress inspired by America’s new president, Donald Trump.

Making the political statement was singer Joy Villa, who arrived on the red carpet covered in a giant white cape before making her big reveal.

The navy blue dress bore the words ‘Make America Great Again’ down one side, while the fishtail was emblazoned with Trump’s name.

Actress Rose McGowan opted for a more futuristic look, wearing a top made of shiny black leather straps while her hair was covered in gold flakes.

There seemed to be no rules left unbroken on the red carpet at the city’s Staples Centre.

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We mean, fashion is all about breaking rules.

Even men got in on the action, with singer Mike Posner showing off some Joker-inspired bright green hair.

CeeLo Green possibly won the award for most bizarre look of the evening in a floor-length gold jacket, gold gloves and a gold headpiece.

He later explained on his Instagram that he was dressed as his new alter ego, Gnarly Davidson.

Well. We guess if Beyoncé can have an alter ego, then so can CeeLo…

By Jenni McKnight