Grace Kelly’s Granddaughter Makes Her Modelling Debut

Daughter of a Prince, and granddaughter to one of the most iconic stars in the world, it’s hardly surprising that Jazmin Grace Grimaldi is following in Grace Kelly’s footsteps. Posing for her first ever photo shoot in US Harper’s Bazaar, the 23-year old New Yorker proved that old Hollywood glamour must run in the family.

Wearing breathtaking gowns designed by the likes of Carolina Herrera and Dolce & Gabbana, Jazmin channels her late grandmother, reminding us why we loved her so much.

Grace married Prince Rainier III of Monaco in 1956, and the pair went on to have three children including Jazmin’s father, Prince Albert II.



Jazmin’s mother, Tamara Rotolo, had a brief relationship with Prince Albert II in 1991, while on holiday. After falling pregnant, Tamara decided to raise Jazmin away from the royal spotlight, and she was brought up in America. Jazmin first visited her father when she was 11, and has been building a relationship with him over the last few years. She told US Harper’s Bazaar, “Not having had that figure around, I missed that. It’s wonderful that it happened when it did, and we’ve been enjoying a great relationship ever since.”

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And when asked about her paternal grandmother, Jazmin told the title, “I love the pictures where she’s quirky and smiling. There’s one of her wearing a bathing suit, holding an orange on a stick, with these excited eyes. She seems so natural and carefree.”


It seems that Jazmin has inherited more than just good looks, as she is also a talented singer and launched a solo career last year with a cabaret-style performance of soul music and is doing a follow up show this autumn. Oh, and she’s also busy trying to save the world along the way, as she studied business and worked at the U.N.’s World Food programe. She is hoping to raise funds to build a community centre in Fiji to help the local children.

With so much style, talent and drive, we think Jazmin Grace Grimaldi is certainly one to watch…