Jack Black stars in the new Goosebumps film

Goosebumps Is Back! 6 Things That Used To Terrify You

It’s official! Goosebumps is BACK.

Remember it? R L Stine’s book series about ghosts, monsters and zombies. We thought we were *so* cool for reading them, even though they left us scared to sleep at night.

It was made into a TV show, which got us hiding behind our pillows and screaming with terror in the early evening. Oh, childhood.

Well. Now it’s been remade into a film – and Jack Back is playing R L. Yep, this is actually ALL true. We can’t blimmin’ wait.

The movie tells the story of a teenage boy named Zach, who makes friends with his new neighbour Hannah. Her father is good ol’ R L, who keeps all the creepies in his series locked up in his books.

Unfortunately, Zach accidentally lets them free. Which leads to a pretty nightmarish situation.

Well. We don’t know about you, but we’ve already bought our tickets.

In honour of this momentous occasion, we’ve looked back on all the things that used to scare the bejesus of us back in the day. Warning: This may lead to some unpleasant flashbacks…

1. The Goosebumps books

With their slime-decorated covers, ominous author R L Stine and titles like Night of the Living Dummy, Goosebumps books were the scariest things you didn’t need your parents’ permission for. Until you were that little bit older of course, then it was all about Point Horror



2. Roger Rabbit

Overall, fairly mild. Except the bits where the toons were melted, people were flattened and, of course, this guy…



3. Eerie, Indiana

The mind-bending series about a small American town (population 16,661) featured Big Foot, horror film references and sinister dogs with a plan to take over the world. Downright weird.



4. Pingu

Just us?



5. Furbies

if you don’t know what a Furby is, count yourself lucky. Just look at it…



6. The Trap Door



Watch the trailer for Goosebumps