See The Best Reactions To Google’s New Logo

Google has changed its logo, and to say Twitter has gone a little crazy would be an understatement.

We know what you’re thinking – doesn’t Google change its logo every week?! Yes, but those are just ‘doodles’. This udpate is the real deal, a permanent change, and the first time the company has changed its font in 16 years.

> The old Google logo


The old Google logo has been replaced with a new, simpler version, boasting softer colors and Sans-Serif font. But the bit provoking the most controversy is that crooked ‘e’ at the end, included to reflect Google’s sometimes off-kilter thinking. 

‘Thanks new #googlelogo. That tilted e of yours has officially given me OCD’, tweeted one disgruntled web user. ‘Google fix your e. It’s driving me crazy #google #googlelogo #OCD’, moaned another.  

> Well, we can see their point…


And a few insightful tweeters have also been likening the new logo to a very familiar cereal… ‘The new #GoogleLogo is like a mix of Kellogg’s froot loops and PacMan’, one wrote. LOLs.

The update comes after the company changed its name to Alphabet last month. 

Google announced that it would undergo a company restructure and that Google Inc. would now come under the umbrella of Alphabet, the holding company. But most importantly, and what we all need to know, is that the search engine will still operate as Google. PHEW. Also, all the shareholders for Google are pretty happy as they went up by 6% after an hour of trading. Not bad eh?

> The Twitter reactions to the new Google logo have been ah-mazing


But why the name Alphabet? Larry Page, co-founder of Google says: “It is a collection of letters that represent language, one of humanity’s most important innovations.” We kinda think it sounds more like a children’s TV programme, but we’re sure we’ll get used to the idea…

In hilarious news, the guy who has been tweeting under the handle @alphabet is being hounded by the world’s media as speculation is rife that he’s set to become one very rich man. Buzzfeed caught up with @alphabet, aka Chris Andrikanich from Cleveland, to see what the deal was. Poor Chris said he was sitting at work at a small book publisher and suddenly saw tweets come flooding in: “It’s crazy. It’s nerve-racking. It’s entirely unbelievable. I’m just going about my day and picking up my daughter and I’m getting contacted by media and tweets are going crazy. It’s surreal.”



Chris registered @alphabet in 2007 after nobody could pronounce his surname properly. Little did he know what would be in store a mere eight years later. Although he says Google hasn’t contacted him about acquiring the handle yet, we reckon it’s only a matter of time before he’s raking it in… If only we’d thought of that. 

By Hannah Brimson