Why The Golden Globes 2017 Got Off To A Terrible Start

Host Jimmy Fallon was left red-faced when his teleprompter failed during his opening Golden Globes speech...

The Golden Globes 2017 may have seen one of the starriest turn-outs of all time, but the ceremony actually began with a major disaster.

This year, it was US funnyman Jimmy Fallon’s turn to host. But as he bounded on to stage to kick off last night’s proceedings, chaos insued as he quickly realised that the teleprompter had broken.

Yep, that happened.

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Jimmy’s teleprompter failed during his opening monologue…

The 42-year-old was left hanging with absolutely no script to read from as he told the cheering audience: ‘Thank you, thank you so much everybody. Erm, erm. Welcome to the Golden Globes.

‘Already the teleprompter is down so this is a great way to start the show.’

As the confused crowd nervously giggled, Jimmy followed up by making it very clear that this was not, in fact, a drill, pleading: ‘What do we do here?’

He then followed up by attempting to pass the buck to another celebrity. ‘I can think of something,’ he said nervously. ‘Cut to Justin Timberlake please.’

As the teleprompter continued to show absolutely nothing, Jimmy added: ‘I’ll make up this monologue… We’re here. This is what happens at the Golden Globes. Already you have your Golden Globes moment.’

Finally, though, Jimmy announced that another teleprompter was being set up to save the day, and soon enough, the new piece of kit was brought in, leaving Jimmy free to rattle off his planned opening speech.

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He later said of the technical glitch: ‘I didn’t memorize my monologue but I knew maybe the teleprompter might go out at one point, but I didn’t imagine the first opening of the show.’

‘If I have any problem in life, I’m like, “Where’s Justin Timberlake?” and he usually solves the problem’, he told Entertainment Tonight. ‘Which he did tonight as well.’