You Won’t BELIEVE How Much It Costs To Get Oscars Ready

The Oscars are almost upon us and, obviously, we can’t wait to see what the stars choose to don on the night. But while the dress and the jewellery come free, it may surprise you just how much it really costs to get an actress red carpet ready. Hollywood stylist Micaela Erlanger broke down for The New York Post exactly how much it really costs to get an actress preened to Oscar perfection and it’s safe to say, looking that good doesn’t come cheap. Almost £30,000 to be exact.

Stylist: £7,200

While almost every dress that glides across the Oscars red carpet will have been loaned for free by a fashion house, picking the perfect frock costs more than a few quid. To snap up a major Hollywood stylist like Micaela, you’d have to pay out a day rate of around £1,000. With the stylist and actress working together over several days, the cost soon mounts up. However, Micaela explained that the tab is usually picked up by the film’s studio.

Hair: £4,100

So apparently having Hollywood hair doesn’t come cheap. While creating the actual style takes around two to five hours, the whole process is far longer. One of the hair stylists to have worked with the likes of Natalie Portman and Reese Witherspoon’s barnets, Adir Abergel, says he will look at the dress, go back, pull inspiration and then present ideas to a client. All this is far more than just a few hours work.

Make Up: £3,500

Just one hour of a top make-up artist’s time can set you back a few bob, but many actresses require consultations as well as a make-up trial in the run up to the event which can rack up the cost. If they want the exclusive use of a make-up artist, they are looking at paying well over £3,000.


Nails: £200

While some of us think that shelling out £20 to get our shellac done is a bit of a guilty splurge, celebs will pay up to £200 to get mani-cam perfect for an event like the Oscars. 


The “Free” Jewellery: £14,000

Yes you read that right. While Hollywood celebs are handed jewels to wear for free for these kind of events, there is still a cost for keeping these loans safe. From the guards to the insurance, the cost can mount up that free loan to the price of a pretty snazzy car.