Will You Be Joining The #GlitterPit Crew?

First glitter roots, then glitter beards and now, glitter pits?

Yep, decking your hairy pits out with a whole load of sparkle is currently being mooted as the next big festive beauty trend. No, we’re not kidding.  

Unlike #glitterbeards which were mostly for fun, though, #glitterpits are a lot more than just an opportunity to get into the Christmas spirit.

Indeed, taking the #freethepits and #hairypitsclub movement a step further, they come as a feminist campaign to encourage women to celebrate their bodies and do whatever the hell they want with it.


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Those behind the initiative added that #glitterpits will work towards achieving “equality in the under-arms region” and to “show that your furry pits are beautiful”.

Madonna and Miley Cyrus first put armpit hair back on the radar earlier this year when they exhibited their very own underarm tuff in a bid to encourage others to do the same.

And it was only a matter of time before it did so. Women soon began to embrace a little extra fluff, before turning to dyeing their pits a variety of different hues to protest against society’s sexist beauty standards, but #glitterpits takes things to a whole new level.

The hashtag is already doing the rounds on social media, too. More than a few brazen ladies have taken to Instagram to show off their newly bedazzled underarms.







One user captioned her snap: Glitter your armpits for #feminism, #genderequality, women, men and gender non conformists, alike! Glitter up your pits, take a pic and post using the tag #glitterpits. Tag your friends and show that your furry pits are beautiful!






Others, meanwhile, have linked #glitterpits to #noshavenovember: @chrissiehall #wontshavenovember #noshavenovember

Whether #glitterpits is something we’ll be seeing at our Christmas parties we’re not quite sure, but we’re all for a bit of festive fun..