21 Things That Happen On Every Girls’ Night Out

Girls’ nights out. You’ve gotta love ’em.

From the pre-drinks to the club to the (inevitable) stop-off in a kebab shop on your way home, every lady knows that there are some very definite stages to an evening with your BFFs.

Off out tonight? We’re pretty sure *all* of these things will happen to you…

1) You text your friends in a panic about what you’re going to wear

‘Are you going for skirt and a top? Or a dress? Are you wearing heels? I’ll do what you do.’


The girls arrive at yours to get ready

You get your iTunes party playlist going, plaster on the foundation and basically feel like Kim Kardashian preparing for the Grammys.


You change your outfit approximately 297424 times



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Everyone tells each other how AH-mazing they look

You’re so going to be the hottest group in the club.


One word: Pre-drink

This will probably involve Never Have I Ever, beer pong, out of tune singing and rambling conversations about the last hilarious time you got drunk together.


6) The mandatory gossip about boys

Warning: Tipsy Tinder can be dangerous.


It’s time to get a taxi into town

You’ll try to sneak in a plastic bottle of vodka and lemonade and will immediately become best mates with your driver.


You arrive at the bar

Because a couple of cosmos can make anyone feel like they belong in Sex And The City, dahling.

Plus, it’s not that pricey if you get in before happy hour’s over.



You need to get as many photos as possible before your false lashes start sliding off and you spill a drink down your top.

Upload to Instagram/Twitter/Facebook with the hashtags #friends #love and #girlsnight.


10) But someone won’t like them

Cue 100 re-takes.



10) You’re in the queue for the club… for what feels like 18 hours

Why didn’t you bring a coat? 🙁


11) But now you’re IN

Your woes have been forgotten and you’re heading straight for the bar.

Someone will excitedly shout out: ‘SHOTS!’


You get low on the dancefloor

And clearly look exactly like Beyoncé.


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13) There’s a ridiculous queue for the toilets

Why do girls take SO. LONG. IN. THE. CUBICLES?


14) However, this gives you ample opportunity to make new friends

Seriously. We don’t understand how everyone in there such a total babe?!


15) The tune you requested from the DJ *finally* comes on

…but you’ve lost your squad. NOOOO.



16) You have a beautiful reunion

Time for more selfies. Oh God, these ones definitely won’t make it on to Facebook.


17) You have a silly fight because your friend is drunk and just told you how she really feels about your boyfriend

Cue crying and running back to the toilet.


She comes in, apologises and you have a DMC (deep meaningful conversation)

‘I love you sooooOOOoOOOoo much.’ ‘I love you mooooooooore.’ ‘You’re the best friend EVEEeeEER.’


19) The heels come off



20) You stumble out of the club and head straight for the kebab shop

Cheesy chips, please. Yum yum.


21) You get home and pass out in your full outfit. Including jewellery.

Oh. And those chips will probably still be lying by your bed (uneaten) tomorrow morning. Mmmm.