14 Priceless Things We Learnt From The Gilmore Girls

If you’re anything like us, then you’ve had a very big Gilmore shaped hole in your life since the show went off air in 2007. And thankfully, it looks like it is about to be filled. This morning we woke up to perhaps the best TV news since Twin Peaks’ return announcement. That’s right, those lovely people over at Netflix have decided to revive Gilmore Girls meaning we don’t have to pine after Rory and Lorelai for much longer. Yay!

For four 90-minute episodes, the small town of Stars Hollow will be back on our screens once again and you know what that means? More life lessons from the world’s best mother-and-daughter duo. In celebration, let’s remember everything they’ve taught us so far…

1. Pizza fixes everything.

2. Always have high expectations.

3. Humour is the only way to deal with your difficult parents.

4. It’s ok not to be a party girl.

5. Or a morning person.

6. The answer to absolutely everything is coffee!

7. Saturdays are for sleeping.

8. It’s really hard to escape a bad date.

9. Never accept responsibility.

10. Life isn’t all about your looks.

11. It’s probably best not to have an affair with your now-married first love.

12. But you should always say what you feel.

13. Rather than waiting forever to share your true feelings.

14. But most of all, we learnt that it’s really, really great when your mum is your best friend.

We can’t wait for more!

By Amy de Klerk