Gigi Hadid Takes On Michael Kors In A Fashion Showdown

We have to admit, we’re suckers for a good ol’ Pictionary sesh but as any fan will know, it sure helps when your partner knows how to draw. As it turns out, model of the moment Gigi isn’t just a pretty face, she’s also got some serious art skills too.

In the first-ever Glamour Games, the Teen Vogue cover girl took on designer Michael Kors in a fashion-based Pictionary showdown. The face off saw Kors and Hadid compete in several rounds of hilarious illustrations where they were both tasked with drawing everything from their ultimate style icons to their guilty pleasures.

Holding her own against the legendary designer, Gigi revealed a few interesting nuggets about herself. Did you know that a cheeseburger is the one thing guaranteed to cheer her up? Or that a sense of humour is what she looks for in a guy above anything else? What does she think is the most underrated fashion trend? A white t-shirt, which we would care to agree with. Thinking about it now, we have spotted the 20 year-old model sporting her fair share off duty! Even Kors said he wished he’d invented the wardrobe staple himself. His underrated fashion trend? The trusty trench coat.

The game became even more hilarious when the designer thought Gigi was drawing Cher as her favourite Disney Princess, not to mention the fact that Gigi has never head of the designer’s favourite tear-jerker movie, Steel Magnolias. When it came to illustrating his favourite song, she quickly limited him to referring to a song from the last two years that she would actually know!

There’s still no word on whether Glam Games is a one-off or if we can look forward to the designer going to head with anyone else. We’re secretly hoping he’d go head to head with someone like Chrisy Teigen. Our love for the model is well known – she’s hilarious – and besides, she’s becoming quite the style star too. Fingers crossed!