Gigi Hadid Reveals Some Surprising Beauty Secrets

Gigi Hadid, model of the moment, recently spoke to Refinery 29 about all things beauty and her famous girl gang. You know, that gang we all want to be part of…

With those enviable looks, the 20 year-old clearly inherited some good genes. Her ex-model mother, Yolanda Foster, is best known as staring in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and her sister Bella Hadid is also a model. Quite the fashion family.

> We want whatever gorgeous girl Gigi’s having. Instagram: @gigihadid

Gigi credits her mother and upbringing on a farm for her healthy outlook on life and her body. “I’ve always been a really big fan of just putting the purest stuff in your body”, she told Refinery 29. But even supermodels have indulgent days it seems, and Gigi is just like the rest of us when it comes to slipping off the wagon. Yep, her beach body diet apparently consists of eating a burger ever other night! Her advice for others was “I think it’s cool to find what makes you feel healthy all year-round. That should be your beach body. It’s not about being skinny for three months our of the year; it’s about feeling your best the whole year.” We couldn’t agree more (especially if it means burgers are on the dieting menu…!).

> Can we all look this amazing after a few burgers please?! Instagram: @gigihadid

Gigi is famously BFFs with Kendall Jenner and Taylor Swift and the trio have hit the headlines on numerous occasions recently, rarely making an appearance in public without one another. On her close knit group of girls Gigi says, “I think it’s cool that we get to make being nice cool, where other generations have been infamous for their cattiness to one another.” Gigi believes it’s good “to support friends, have a good friendship group, pick each other up, and be just as excited for other people as they are for whatever they’re doing [themselves].’

> Now that’s one girl gang we want to be part of. Instagram: @gigihadid

Giving us the scoop on gal pal Kendall’s beauty routine Gigi said, “Kendall is really good about her skin. Like, the second she gets home, she washes her face perfectly. She always knows how to do her makeup; she’s really good at that stuff. I feel like I get lazy and go to sleep sometimes – she never does.’

> Kendall clearly never goes to sleep with her makeup on. Instagram @gigihadid

If Gigi had her way she’d do her own makeup and keep it very minimal (like she needs much anyway!). She apparently likes nothing better than some down time alone, in a hotel room with an order of fries doing her own makeup before an event. Sickeningly she also admits to not using any filters on her Instagram pics. #Nofilter. Jealous, us?! Instead the blonde beauty puts her stunning snaps down to ‘good lighting’ and standing next to a window. Now there’s some tricks we can definitely all take on board…

> BFFs Gigi and Kendall know how to take a good selfie. Instagram: @gigihadid and @kendalljenner

Finally, Gigi’s wise beauty mantra for us all to follow is, “eat clean, work out to stay fit – and have a burger to stay sane.” Well excuse us (as if we needed any encouragement) we’re off for a burger….

By Lucy Mulliner