Why Everyone’s Talking About Gigi’s New Look

We’ve got some fashion news that you’re either going to love or hate. Following the ’90s revival and ’70s catwalk craze, the latest decade to enjoy a renaissance is the ’80s. We first saw the comeback emerge on the spring/summer 2016 catwalks – power shoulders and ruching at Roberto Cavalli, perms, blazers and marabou mules at Topshop Unique – but it’s going to go next level when autumn rolls around. House of Holland, Saint Laurent, Moschino…designers galore embraced the outré era, and Gigi Hadid just gave us a masterclass in how to do the decade that taste forgot.


Gigi’s polka dot Saint Laurent ra-ra skirt looked even more ’80s-tastic on the catwalk…

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On a photoshoot in LA, the super stopped traffic – and pedestrians – as she strutted down the sunny sidewalk in a mullet-hemmed Saint Laurent polka dot ra-ra skirt, fluffy mules – see, we told you they were a thing – white vest top and matching mega sunnies. As we’re sure it did with the residents of LA, Gigi’s look has proved quite the talking point in the Look office this morning. Some of us can’t get enough of the sheer fashion-ness• of it all, the rest? Well let’s just say they’re not convinced…  

• yes, we know that’s not a word

“I kinda love it – but would never wear it in a million years. I’ve long had a love/hate relationship with polka dots, so I’m content to admire this one from afar.”

Maxine Eggenberger, Senior Fashion Writer

“Gigi, this. is. everything. I mean, who wouldn’t want to channel the Flamenco Girl emoji in new season Saint Laurent? No one I want to be friends with, that’s for sure.”

Gemma Yates, Fashion News Editor

“I love the skirt, I love the shoes, I love the top. I love it ALL”

Angie Joseph, Art Editor

“Just. Brilliant. Gigi takes street style to a whole new level. Anna Dello Russo, eat your heart out. ”

Victoria Adegboyega, Senior Picture Researcher

“I love a polka dot print but this looks like she’s got a dead crow stuck to her bottom. If it a mini it’d be cute, but save the flamenco-style for the dance floor. Also, it’s going to get really dirty trailing on the floor. Be practical, Gigi.”

Anna Duff, Digital Writer

“Arrrrriba! Finally, I’ve got free reign to dress up as a flamenco dancer and score serious style points. The shades, shoes and earrings are added bonuses. Can we dress like this everyday please?”

Bridie Wilkins, Fashion News Assistant

“This skirt would have been great… on Carrie in Sex and the City, ten years ago. This waterfall come ra-ra look feels kind of dated for 21-year-old Gigi who – let’s be honest – can usually pull off pretty much anything. The only thing I can get on board with is those feathered stripper heels – amazing!”

Olivia Foster, Features Writer

The jury’s out…