6 Times Bella And Gigi Gave Us Sister Goals

Gigi and Bella Hadid have been making huge waves in the fashion industry of late. Since appearing on The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills alongside mum Yolanda, the two have well and truly taken over. But as well as all their impressive business ventures, the two have given us some serious sister goals that we can all relate to..

1. They Share The Limelight


gigi bella hadid Gigi and Bella walked in Tommy Hilfiger’s SS16 show



The duo first made their runway debut alongside one another for Tom Ford back in 2011. Since, the Hadids have walked in Balmain together, and most recently, Tommy Hilfiger. Yep, a double dose of Hadid beauty really is the way forward..

2. They Were The Most Adorable Children


gigi bella hadid Gigi and Bella Hadid on holiday in Aspen with mum Yolanda



Being the spawn of supermodel Yolanda Foster and equally beautiful real estate developer Mohamed Hadid, it’s no surprise that Bella and Gigi are absolutely, totally gorgeous. If it’s not for Gigi’s huge eyes and jaw-dropping silhouette, it’s for Bella’s envious bone structure and perfectly-proportioned features. Jealous doesn’t cut it.

3. They’re Always There To Stand Up For Each Other


gigi bella hadid Gigi and Bella are always there to stand up for each other



Who can forget The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills episode when innocent Bella was charged for driving under the influence? Being the good sister she is, Bella was on hand to comfort and stand up for Bella at all times (their parents took away Bella’s phone, sold her car and made her pay all of the legal fees!). Now that’s what you call sisterhood.

4. They Post Hilarious Things About Each Other







When they’re not filming totally hilarious Snapchat videos of one another, the girls take it upon themselves to share hilarious facts about what they both get up to. Take Bella’s tweet earlier this year. The 18-year-old named and shamed Gigi after asking what she had for breakfast that morning…

5. They Rely On Each Other Through Hard Times


gigi bella hadid Anwar Hadid recently starred in an editorial for Nylon magazine




It’s no secret that Gigi and Bella’s parents divorced at a young age, and we’re pretty certain the pair wouldn’t have coped half as well without each other to lean on. The girls also have a younger brother, Anwar, though he’s only recently started to make his mark on the industry..

6. They Support Each Other In Everything They Do


gigi bella hadid Gigi and Bella are each other’s very own mascots



We’re talking work, pastimes, relationships. If it makes either one of them happy, the other will be right there behind them. When Gigi moved to New York to study, Bella regularly took the time to visit her sister, while Gigi is practically Bella’s very own fan-girl when it comes to her horse-riding.

There’s only one thing left to say: long live sisterhood!