Get The Lowdown On Abbey Clancy’s Latest Matalan Collection…

Abigail Clancy hasn’t quite put her feet up yet, with only one month to go before baby number two is due, model turned designer has once again collaborated with Matalan, for a new range. We caught up with the model whilst on the train back to her home town- with daughter Sophia in tow.

The collection lands in store today (exciting!), and here’s what the lady herself had to say about it…


Congrats on your pregnancy Abbey. We’ve got to say you look amazing…

Thanks! I’m on the home stretch with the pregnancy, so I’m all about the comfort right now, which means I can’t wear my heels any longer (laughs)


Has your style changed much becoming pregnant then?

I think its harder there’s not a lot out there to wear. I think you shouldn’t lose your identity just because your pregnant. I think when you’re pregnant, if you get a nice coat and nice shoes then you can wear your comfy stuff underneath.

Abbey Clancy Abbey rocks her pregnancy style.


You’re friends with Julien Macdonald and Giles Deacon and wear a lot of beautiful designer dresses, but are you still a high street fan?

Definitely. I’m a huge believer that you don’t need to spend a million pounds to look good. That’s what I tried to achieve with my Matalan collection. When I was younger, I wanted a new dress every time I went out. I think it’s important for fashion to be stylish, good quality and affordable.


Is that why you teamed up with Matalan?

Yeah, and it’s a Liverpool brand, so it was a great fit. I want someone to go in and want to buy all the collection and not just one piece so I’ve tried to make it appropriate for all ages. There’s something for everyone – if you want to cover your arms, you can with the dresses, if you don’t want to get your legs out there’s longer lengths. 


The new range looks amazing. The shots are really cool and rock and roll. Is that something that inspired the collection?

Yeah, I just love that whole 70s vibe, it’s a really great look for summer and huge on the catwalk. I wanted to bring a bit of that in and obviously I love my music and was inspired by that – the mood board had loads of Stevie Nicks pictures.


Shirt Dress, £25 & Lace Maxi Dress, £40 (Coming Soon)



There’s lots of leopard print – is that your signature print?  

Yeah I love a bit of leopard print – it’s the kind of thing scousers go for (laughs). I think print is always nice for the summer, so I’ve introduced a lot of that as I normally wear black. It was a big step for me to bring in colour, but I think it works really really well.


And do you have a favorite piece from the collection?

Probably the black wrap over dress with the bell sleeves. I also love the lace maxi dress, it’s great for summer festivals. I’d wear it with big clog platforms or some flat moccasin boots, very seventies.


Yeah, there’s definitely a great range of styles…

I hope so! I hope everyone likes it because I really love it. I love working with Matalan. As the collaboration has gone on over the years I’ve got more control and more confidence with trying out new things.


Over the past few years you’ve really established yourself as a fashionista. How does it feel to be a fully-fledged member of the fashion world?

I don’t take anything too seriously! I’ve got a lot of friends in the high fashion, and I love doing what I’m doing. The greatest thing about my job is that I get to meet so many different people and do different things all the time and that’s what I love about it. I like the variation and enjoy what I do on a daily basis


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