Get Ready For Valentino’s Hilarious Zoolander Surprise

What a way to blow all of the other Fashion Week shows out of the water. Valentino, we applaud you.

We’ve seen Cara Delevingne, Kate Moss and Kendall Jenner close shows in epic fashion, working drop dead gorgeous gowns and even lavish wedding dresses.

But imagine our surprise when the Valentino SS15 show was closed by the most unlikely of A-listers – Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson.

Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson stormed the Valentino SS15 catwalk The boys looked fabulous in their printed brocade Valentino suits


Yep, the Hollywood legends took the whole auditorium by surprise when they came strutting down the runway after the bevy of tall, leggy models in their beaded floorlength frocks.

Totally stealing the show, the boys recreated their infamous Zoolander poses, with Ben getting into character as Derek Zoolander and Owen slipping back into his Hansel ways.

Backstage with Anna Wintour, Derek Zoolander and Hansel at the Valentino SS15 sh Backstage with Anna Wintour, Derek Zoolander and Hansel at the Valentino SS15 show


And boy, those outfits. Custom-made for the two funnymen, Stiller was seen working a navy blue brocade butterfly suit and matching coat, while Wilson looked stylish in a pair of baby blue patterned silk pyjamas and a grey overcoat.

Pulling their best Zoolander blue steel faces, Ben and Owen didn’t slip out of character for one second, with ‘Derek’ even selfie-ing his way down the catwalk on his iPhone and posing with Anna Wintour backstage.

Rumours are, the actors’ high-fashion surprise is part of their filming for the new Zoolander 2 film – either way, it was pretty damn epic.