Get Paid to Keep Fit

Love sport and fitness? A career with the British Army could be for you.

Obsessed with fitness and after an inspiring new career? Then a role in the British Army could be your perfect match.

Physical fitness and teamwork are key to the Army’s success and, when it comes to sport, it offers a host of amazing opportunities to take part in. Physical training is part of everyday life, from running to interval training, and taking part in team games like netball and football. You can pursue an existing sport or try new ones, plus you can train and compete for free. It’s all part of the job, after all!

If all that wasn’t enough, adventurous training opportunities include a massive range of activities, such as caving, diving, kayaking, paragliding, rock-climbing and sailing. Not many nine-to-five jobs offer that!

For Second Lieutenant Zoe Andrew, 25, a keen love of sport led her from Sandhurst to the French Military Academy at Saint-Cyr, where she took part in the Tripartite Games. With her colleagues, she won Best International Team in the show jumping championships in Italy.

‘I’ve already done gliding, skiing and rock climbing. Best of all, though, I’ve represented the Royal Signals in showjumping and eventing. What other job would give me the chance to pursue a hobby as part of my career?’

Always recruiting for more than 200 diverse roles, which can take you all over the world, the British Army offers salaries according to rank, not gender, and benefits include a non-contributory pension, 38 days annual holiday, maternity packages and subsidised learning. Plus there’s the option to join as the Army Reserve – paid to train in your spare time.

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