Get Katy Perry’s Awesome Superbowl Jewellery

If you’re anything like us, Katy Perry‘s Superbowl performance would have been the only thing on your mind this weekend.

But as insanely amazing as her performance was, it was her pre-Superbowl press conference jewellery that we were more concerned with. Why? Because her ultra bling necklace and earrings were from her own PRISM collection with Claire’s which means we can totally get our hands on the exact same ones. Best. Monday. Ever.

The adorable (and totally sports appropriate) miniature American football necklace and earrings are limited edition crystal pieces from Katy’s own collection and cost just a mere $34.50 from Bargain or what?

We might have to wait a while until the collection hits UK stores but in the meantime you seriously need to check out the rest of her latest PRISM range. Our favourite piece? Well, it’s pretty hard to choose, but the triple-tier birthday cake phone case is topping our current lust list.

Get shopping!

By George Driver

Katy Perry's jewellery