Get Involved In Gap’s New Campaign

Celebrating diversity, individuality and fresh talent Gap's latest campaign is something we can all take part in...

Styled and directed by Vogue’s new Editor-in-Chief, Edward Enniful, Gap’s Bridging The Gap campaign brings together a super talented and diverse cast. With 14 familiar faces including Priyanka Chopra, Christie Brinkley and Wiz Khalifa coming together in Gap’s iconic go-to classic of a white tee and jeans, dancing around to 70s classic ‘Sunny’ by Boney M.

Enniful remarked that “the world has changed a lot, so I wanted to do something that celebrates togetherness… celebrating each other and coming together to change the world through positivity.” A sentiment that Baywatch star Priyanka Chopra touched on sharing that “bridging the gap is exactly what the world needs right now, there are so many gaps in the world that need to be filled… our generation and our children going forward need to have a relatively evolved way of thinking which goes beyond race. Celebrating our differences doesn’t necessarily mean that we need to be different.”

Whilst Wiz Khalifa shares that he celebrates his individuality by “being fully me, I feel like the best me is better for everyone around me.” British model and activist Adowa Aboah shared what the campaign meant to her on her Instagram, commenting that “#BridgingTheGap to me means making space for the next generation, looking at things without judgement and unifying women.”

Enniful’s campaign was inspired by the “optimistic American style that Gap celebrates and the simplicity of the basic white T-shirt that allows you to be yourself. Growing up, I loved the imagery I saw from America as it celebrated being the land of the free and home of the brave.” Going onto confirm that, “this project is about authenticity and people living their truths.”

These classic Gap styles are available to shop instore and online now, letting you get involved with the campaign too sharing what makes you, you with #BridgingTheGap across all your social media.