Get Even More Money Off The Sales With Our Discount Codes!

Not only is it the best day of the week (say hello to your brand new copy of LOOK), but it’s also only 9 days to go until the big day. Yes, we hate to break it to you but there are but 8 shopping days left before you tuck into the biggest roast dinner of the year and watch the Queen make a speech. And, other than all the festive joy, the best thing about Christmas is surely the sales, which promise to go easy on your purses while lining your wardrobe at the same time.

But you might want to call this the best Christmas ever, because if indeed you have bought your copy of LOOK already, you’ll know that we’ve bagged some extra special discounts, exclusively for our readers. That’s right, high street hot spots such as Lavish Alice, Rare, Daisy Street and Lamoda, to name but a few, are offering up to 40% off pieces already in the sale.

We know this almost sounds too good to be true, but consider it our Christmas gift to our most dedicated readers. Well, and ourselves- we’re already eyeing up our own new purchases. Rare is our go-to for showstopping party pieces, from embellished frocks to bejwelled jumpsuits. And thanks to our code, LOOK20, you can score a further 20% off sale prices, meaning you can shop this statement faux fur for just £22.40, or nab a sequin co-ord from just £12.80. Amazing!

And, as it is the season to be jolly, we also thought we’d reveal our extra 30% off at the Daisy Street sale. The code DAISY30 will let you bag a colour pop all-in-one for just £10.52 or an ‘It’ coat for only £14.02. If that’s not a bargain, then we don’t know what is. We’ve also marked this staple, two-tone shirt and printed dress, both a steal at just over £9. Wow, we’ve already compiled a whole new wardrobe for less than £25!

We’ve got loads more info on even more dicsounts in this week’s mag, and the best news is that all the codes are valid from today, right up until 30th December. Looks like our New Year’s Eve outfit will be a bargain, then! With secret codes like these on offer, we’re not sure what you’re still doing here. We suggest you download or buy your copy of Look immediately. Trust us, your wardrobe will thank you. And just to prove it, we’ve listed ALL of the amazing codes on offer below.

Merry Christmas, everyone! Now, we’re off for a bit of sales shopping…

Lamoda: LOOK10 for an extra 10% off (that means beautiful bags from only £6!)

Lavish Alice: LOOK25 for an extra 25% off

Accessoryo: ACC25 for an extra 25% off

Llunaa: LOOK55 for an extra 40% off

Daisy Street: DAISY30 for an extra 30% off

Rare: LOOK20 for an extra 20% off

By Hannah Banks-Walker