Loved Cheryl’s X Factor Dress This Weekend? Now It Can Be Yours

By: Lucy Moon


If you’re been on X Factor wardrobe watch like us, we’re sure you’ve already planted Cheyl’s plunging party dress from last night’s results show on your wishlist.

Well you’re not alone. Our fashion radar went into overdrive the moment we clapped eyes on the stylish mini frock, complete with plunging neckline and embellished details. 

Now we’re usually disappiointed when it comes to Cheryl’s closet, with her love for designer dresses it’s not often that we can snap up her style but this time around it’s a little different! The winning frock is from none other than our high street go-to, Topshop. Yes, really! 

Can you actually believe it? We were estatic the moment we heard and just can’t wait to snap it up in time for party season. Although there’s a slight catch…

So, it’s not available just yet but the glamourous dress is coming to a Topshop near year in a mere matter of months – March to be exact. Now, that may seem like forever away but we guarantee with crimbo just around the corner, the time will fly by! Yay! 

Style Queen Cheryl teamed her flirty frock with towering silver stilettos and a glamourous ballerina bun ‘do, but the stunning dress would look equally chic in strappy springtime sandals or why not add a grungy edge with some heeled ankle boots.

The styling options are endless and there’s one thing for sure we’ll be first in the queue as soon as it hits the rails.