George’s Summer Preen Inspired Prints – Shop Them Now!

When we first got an eyeful of this summer mix of silky vests and floaty maxi dresses, we thought we’d stumbled across Preen’s summer collection. With its oh-so-familiar patchwork prints, angular lines and slices of sunshine yellow, how could we mistake the high fashion favourite?

Well, turns out our peepers were deceiving us as what we were actually ogling was George‘s latest line! Asda has created a range of designer-inspired pieces hot enough to grace the LFW runway. Featuring beige snakeskin patterns, scatterings of dots and diagonal stripes, the bold collection pays homage to the top-end London label. Get your hands on catwalk cheats like this gorgeous floaty maxi dress perfect for those hot summer days or add a flash of colour to your office outfit in this chiffon v-neck top.

And although these irresistible wardrobe additions may mirror Preen in style, they couldn’t be further away in price. Starting at a deliciously cheap £10, make every woman the envy of your on-trend taste at only a snippet of the price. So, get scrambling for your purse and let the style lovers out there do a double take on your hot new bargain.

By Claire Blackmore

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