George Is The Little Prince Of The Fashion Kingdom

July 22nd is fast approaching, and with it comes Prince George’s first birthday. That’s right – it seems like only yesterday, but really it was a whole year ago that the nation was waiting with baited breath for the arrival of the latest addition to the royal family.

To celebrate, 888ladies bingo looked back on the little tyke’s first year, and came up with this revealing infographic of the big impression the young prince has already been making in the world. The ‘George Effect’, they call it.

George, or Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge to give him his full name and title, has been setting trends since the moment he was born. As the infographic shows, thousands of new born baby boys were named George in 2013 alone, and the name is set to be one of the most popular in 2014 as well.

His influence doesn’t stop there, it seems baby George is also leading the pack when it comes to children’s fashion. We guess he must take after his stylish mum on that front! Kate has always been something of a fashion icon. Even before she became the Duchess of Cambridge, the public has slavishly followed her style choices and tried to emulate them. Who could forget that stunning Sapphire blue wrap dress by Issa that she wore for her engagement announcement? The piece went on to sell out immediately. And don’t even get us started on that wedding dress…

It seems that the little prince is destined to follow in his mother’s fashion forward footsteps, and he’s been causing quite a splash on the baby clothing scene. Mothers are determined to make sure their little darlings are getting the royal treatment, and if George is seen wearing it, you can guarantee it will fly of the shelves.

According to the infographic, baby shoe retailer Early Days had to shut down online sales of the pre-walker shoes worn by Prince George, because the demand was too much to handle! How many of us commoners can claim to have been a style icon before we could even walk?

Among the many fashion frenzies the future King has instigated include those adorable sailboat dungarees he wore during his tour to Australia. According to the infographic, they sold out in minutes! Who can blame parents wanting to copy George’s look when he looked so adorable?

Though he’s not yet old enough to even dress himself, it’s clear Prince George is in training to rule over the fashion world. We can’t wait to see what sort of things he’ll be wearing once he develops into his own style, and we’re sure that with his father’s princely good looks and his mother’s fashion sense, he’ll be a real show stopper. In the meantime, keep up the good work Kate!

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