Gemma Chan Weighs In On Hollywood Racism

Gemma Chan has fast become one of 2015’s biggest stars after starring in the smash-hit Channel 4 drama Humans, but she has revealed that it wasn’t easy getting to where she is now. Discussing sexism and racism in Hollywood, Gemma revealed that she never thought it would be possible for her to succeed as an actress.

Weighing in on the Hollywood sexism and racism row which has hardly left the headlines recently, Gemma explained to The Telegraph:

“The statistics are really depressing. I remember reading some that made me think, ‘Oh, you are more likely to see an alien in a Hollywood film than an Asian woman.”

Growing up in England and only seeing white faces on TV, Gemma explained that she didn’t think being an actress was a viable option after being turned away from auditions because they were “only going to see white women”.

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However, Gemma acknowldges that things have since improved and praises her current show for it’s range of racial diversity. Gemma plays a synth (or synthetic) called Anita in Humans who is sent to work at the house of a family who quickly discover she is a little more human than they first thought.

Gemma Chan in the advert for Humans. Gemma Chan doing her best robot in the advert for Humans.

Speaking to Instyle, Gemma talked about why she decided to pick up the part:

“I read the script and just loved it, I couldn’t wait to get to the next episode. It wasn’t just that I really cared about the characters, I thought the subject matter was so interesting – it was such a fresh way to explore what it means to be human.”

As if that wasn’t enough, the Humans star has just secured yet another impressive role as the lone female in an interpretation of Pinter’s 1965 drama The Homecoming. The play will run its 12-week course at Trafalgar Studios from November 12th.

For now though, why don’t you check out Gemma Chan’s amazing fashion file – she has quickly established herself as one of the best-dressed actresses of the moment with her always on-point red carpet style and super chic off-duty looks so it’d be wrong not to…

By Amy de Klerk