7 Reasons You Need To See Gemma Bovery

Gemma Bovery officially hits cinemas this weekend and we will be right at the front of the queue to see it. If you haven’t heard what all the fuss is about, here are nine reasons you need to get down to the cinema this weekend.

1. Gemma Arterton

The gorgeous actress stars as the main character, Gemma Bovery, who moves with her elder husband from England to France. The local baker – who is a fan of the novel Madame Bovary – becomes obsessed with Gemma and tries to stop her meeting the same fate as Madame Bovary does in the novel.

2. It’s Seriously Saucy

Gemma indulges in an affair with a rich younger man and also with one of her old flames, meaning there are some pretty racy scenes. Gemma though said she had no problem filming them, explaining, “They made it very comfortable for me.”

> One of Gemma Bovery’s lovers.

3. It’s Set In The Gorgeous French Countryside

The film is basically an advert for what it’s like to live in an idyllic country village in France. Get ready for some stunning views.

4. You Get To Hear Gemma Arterton Speak French

The actress became fluent in French during the filming of Gemma Bovery after speaking absolutely none before she began filming. Jason Flemyng – who plays Gemma’s husband in the film – revealed to The Evening Standard:

“I thought I’d speak better French than Gemma but when we got out there I realised that she’d been going out with a French guy for the past three months. I was furious.”

> Gemma Bovery hits cinemas today!

5. It’s A Great Excuse To Read Madame Bovary Again

If you’re going to see the film then you probably should read the novel that inspired it all. If you’ve already read it, it’s a great opportunity to do it again.

6. It’s Tamara Drewe, Round Two

Gemma Bovery is actually the second of Posy Simmonds’ novels to be be adapted into a film and to star Gemma Arterton. If you loved Tamara Drewe, then this will be right up your street so make it your mission to check it out ASAP!

7. The Fashion

Whatever Gemma Arterton wears, it’s always going to look good isn’t it? Frolicking around in pretty sun dresses and rustic, vintage-looking clobber makes for plenty of outfit envy.