Gap Just Brought Back The 90s. Quite Literally.

Fashion's preoccupation with all things 90s (good and bad) has been ongoing for a while now but thanks to the new Gap Archive Reissue collection, we can all take it one step further. Back in time, that is...

If you are a child of the 90s,  you may remember the Gap adverts. True, they may not be your fondest memory from that heady decade. It’s possible you haven’t even thought of them since the Millennium Bug hit and destroyed us all (oh, wait…). But it’s also true that were you to see them again, you’d instantly sink back into that easy, comfy cloud of nostalgia, remembering just how fervently your heart desired everything from Gap’s spring collection of 1998.

Gap established itself as THE hot high street destination back in the old days of Girl Power and J-Lo dating P. Diddy. It sold the best jeans we’d ever seen, the quality was excellent, the prices were too, it weaned us off our Tammy Girl obsession… there really are countless ways in which we loved- and still do, present tense- the all-American brand. It even got a mention in Friends, for heaven’s sake! That surely must be the ultimate signifier of Peak 90s?

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Anyway, while we’ve been (not so) secretly hoarding Gap’s jeans ever since, this brand new collection has just taken us right back to those carefree days governed by The Spice Girls faster than you could say Wannabe.

Gap Archive Reissue

Jeans, £54.95                                                                     Bodysuit, £14.95

Gap Archive Reissue

Top, £12.95                                                                                                Trousers, £39.95

The Gap Archive Reissue range brings back original designs from-yes, you guessed it- the 90s, including those iconic button-down bodysuits, khaki trousers (welcome back) and lightwash jeans that are some of the most flattering around. Oh, and guess who’s already a superfan? Only Naomi Campbell, otherwise known as Queen of the 90s.*

Naomi Campbell in her original Gap advert in 1992, by Steven Meisel

Queen Campbell stars in Gap’s new film, Generation Gap, which pays homage to those iconic adverts and even features Naomi in the same outfit she wore back in 1992 for a Steven Meisel shoot. We can neither confirm nor deny whether or not our 90s Gap purchases still fit us…

Joining Naomi is an entire line-up of famous faces and Gap lovers, including Lizzie Jagger, Rumer Willis and Evan Ross (son of Diana, no less). Of course, they’re all wearing reissued pieces with aplomb.

Gap Archive Reissue

The stars of the new ‘Generation Gap’ film

“It’s an honour to be in the same outfit that I wore twenty years ago in my Gap ad,” said Naomi. “The creativity in the ‘90s is something I’m so grateful that I got to be a part of and to see and to learn from and to draw inspiration from.”

The collection will be available online and in selected stores from 7th February, meaning that as of then, we’re channelling ourselves circa. 1999. So meta.


*We may have just given her this title. But she earned it.