Is *This* Game Of Thrones Character Set To Return?


Social media has been going a little Game Of Thrones crazy today, with the news that an old character has been spotted on set filming. 

And it’s not who you might think. 

The Hound might be hitting our screens once more, despite appearing to die on the side of a hill during season four, after a dramatic duel with Brienne of Tarth.

Although we never actually saw him die, that was the presumed outcome of the gruesome end. 

But this week Rory McCann, who played him, was spotted at the hotel used by GoT cast members during filming, sparking rumours that he’ll be returning to the cult show.

We guess we’ll have to wait and see… 

In other dramatic news, remember *that* character dying at the end of the last season? (How could you forget?!). And y’know all those fan theories that he isn’t really gone for good?


Well. Something else just happened that’s thrown some SERIOUS fuel into the rumour fire.

We’re talking about Kit Harington’s alter-ego Jon Snow, of course. According to a fan, the 28-year-old actor caught a flight to Belfast earlier this week.

They appear to have photos and everything. Ooh.

What’s so important about this? Belfast is home to the Game Of Thrones production offices, where members of the cast recently travelled for the season 6 table read.

Hmmmm. Intriguing. But even if Kit was on his way to a similar read, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Jon Snow is alive – GOT may just be filming his funeral scenes.

Kit Harington at Wimbledon Kit Harington sported long hair at Wimbledon…


That would explain why he hadn’t cut his famous curly locks before nipping to watch a game at Wimbledon earlier this month.

He could also just be on a trip to Northern Ireland with no Snow-type agenda whatsoever. GAH. We can’t take the suspense.

Emilia Clarke has been spilling all sorts of gossip about the upcoming series of Game Of Thrones. And apparently, it’s going to be ‘mental’.

‘I’ve read the script for next season. Muwah ha ha! I know stories. It’s really exciting,’ the actress told the Los Angeles Times.

And if any of you felt that Season 5 was a little slow to start (tonnes of fans online did), Emilia assures fans that in Season 6, we’ll see drama from the get-go.


‘This season coming up, that we’re about to film, there’s none of that’, she said of the complaints. ‘It’s just go, go, go, go. Shocking moment to shocking moment. Epic moment to epic moment. It’s mental; it’s epic. And definitely Dany’s a part of it.’

The London-born actress plays the fierce Daenerys Targaryen in the HBO series, and obviously there’s one thing we all want to know about – that hair. 

When you see the 28-year-old in real life, she looks nothing like her Game Of Thrones persona. We mean, WHO is that brunette beauty?


Because in fact, Khaleesi’s waist-long blonde locks are found hidden in the show’s mythical ‘wig room’ at its studio base in Northern Ireland, because she’s a bonafide natural brown haired lady.

‘The wig room is incredible,’ Emilia said in an interview earlier this year with Harper’s Bazaar US. ‘Every character has a wig almost, because we’ve all got bonkers hair. I have named mine. Seasons 1 and 2, she was just Dany. And then Diva came along [following Daenerys’s Mother of Dragons moment], she’s completely huge. She didn’t behave herself.’


So what else did we learn from the interview? Well, mainly that Jay Z may have bought Beyonce one of Khaleesi’s dragon eggs, and that Emilia is pretty hilarious, and a far cry from her serious but gorgeous on-screen character. Just wait ’til you hear what she did in front of Channing Tatum

‘I was at a Golden Globes after party and Channing f**king Tatum came up to me, and his stunning missus, Jenna Dewan,’ the actress recalled. ‘And they said, “We call each other ‘moon of my life’ and ‘my sun and stars'” and all that.’


‘And I was like, “I cannot contain this. Please, can we all have something sexual together? You’re both beautiful, even just a hug.'” LOL. To be fair, if she hadn’t asked, we would have. 

And what about fashion? What’s the one thing she’d never wear? ‘Shorts,’ she replied. ‘I can’t do it. My thighs, they are here. They are making themselves known, and they like skirts, they like trousers. But they don’t like shorts.’


Who is her style icon? ‘Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. But I’m like, ‘I can’t wear that because I am not a seven-foot-tall goddess with perfect everything.”

Emilia also spilled the beans about that naked sequence from the end of Season One, where Khaleesi is seen emerging from her husband Drogo’s funeral pyre with no clothes on and baby dragons on her shoulders (epic). 


‘The crew was a few cliffs over, so it’s me, four or five extras, and Iain Glen [KhalesiSer Jorah Mormont],’ she said. ‘Iain does this thing where he lifts his head up and his face goes, “Ahh, naked lady.”‘ 

‘But because they were filming so far away, what he said was “Great t*ts, love.” I’m like, “The camera’s not on you, can you stop commenting on how great you think these breasts are?”‘

Who knew the Game Of Thrones set was so cheeky, eh?!